"I highly recommend her."
- - - Robyn C.

— After having 3 treatments with Dr. Lin I feel so much better. I thought that I needed chiropractic care, but she suggested acupuncture, and I'm glad she did! Now I can walk again without pain. I was so worried that I had hip problems, but after acupuncture and massage, I immediately felt relief. It is a clean and welcoming environment, too. I highly recommend her.

"I recommend her to everyone!"
- - - M.A.

— Dr Lin is not only talented in her profession, but gentle and looks for the root of the problem. She not only reduced and removed the extreme pain of a torn muscle... she is also helping me reduce hot flashes that I have had for over 20 years. I recommend her and the people at her clinic to everyone! Everyone there is truly wanting to make your life better.

"I know I can trust her"
- - - Jazzy C.

— Brought my sister here after she twisted her knee on a snowboarding trip. She was worried because her knee has swollen up and was significantly larger than her other uninjured one. There was very limited mobility in that knee because of the pain. She was worried that her scoliosis could intensify the injury.My first impression of the establishment was how clean and comfortable it looked. The waiting room had comfortable couches and a convenient water dispenser with both hot/cold water. There weren't any magazines and the walls were somewhat bare but that's because they only recently moved locations and were still getting set up.Dr. Lin, a friendly and gentle woman, was very patient and understanding as she treated my sister. I could tell that she was very knowledgable from how she immediately detected the problem only from gently massaging the knee and asking a few questions. My sister's injury was fortunately only a slightly sprained knee and didn't require further treatment other than good rest. Dr. Lin applied a medical tape (kind of like an Icy-hot) on the knee and gave her some tips on resting it. To my sister's astonishment, she was able to move much better without pain. Thanks Dr. Lin! I know I can trust her with my family's ailments.

"but doubt no more!"
- - - Alice C.

— after about a week of intense cardio in italy with my mom (aka shopping) in april, my left foot was suffering severe post-shopping-cardio syndrome, as in i worked it out too much that the top of my foot would hurt if i walk for a prolonged period of time. my uncle referred me to dr. joanna lin for acupuncture, at first i was a little iffy about having acupuncture needles stuck into my foot since needles and i don't go well together and i don't even call us acquaintances because i swear i see it once in every 2-3 years. after my diagnostics and dr. joanna felt my foot and asked me where it hurts, then it was determined that my foot joint was inflamed. 2 surgical needles were prepared and ready to go, stuck into my foot (don't worry, those needles were uuber teeny even in my books), and dr. joanna asked if i feel any numbness and i definitely did, it felt like my foot was going numb and as i panicked she told me it's normal and good to feel the numbness it means it's working. believe me, after 2 surgical needles stuck to my left foot for about 15 minutes, my foot was ready to make a grand appearance again at the malls :) i had, yes, had my doubts about chinese herbal/acupuncture/chiropractice therapies, but doubt no more!

"Finally my sleep problem got healed!!!"
- - - Roger G.

— I have had problems sleeping for years. Both my hands and feet get warmer and warmer while I'm sleeping and it feels like my bones itch. I feel so uncomfortable I can't even fall asleep sometimes. I have to get up from bed, splash some cold water on my hands, arms, legs, feet, ears, and neck, and turn on the electric fan to the highest power to cool down as much as possible. Sometimes, I even need to keep a water spray bottle on my bed side so I can keep on spraying water on my body when needed. Dr. Lin told me that the yin and yang in my body was unbalanced, causing my body to heat up at night. She gave me acupuncture treatment, using three needles on each foot and after 20 minutes, I felt cooler right away. And that night I was finally able to sleep. Thank you Dr. Lin. I didn't know Chinese medicine could heal something like this.

"Dr. Lin healed my chronic arm pain..."
- - - Alice M.

— My MD told me there is nothing he can do except give me pain killers for the pain. He said that the neck bone had degenerated, compressing my nerves and causing pain. I felt old and helpless. I couldn't raise my arm and I was in constant pain. Dr. Lin examined my arm. She told me it wasn't a nerve problem, but a muscle problem. Amazingly, she knew exactly where my pain was. She worked on the problem area and I felt relief right after treatment. She also showed me how to stretch my arm at home. I have been pain free for over a year now. I am so thankful to Dr. Lin. She took away a big problem with only a couple of treatments.

"Dr. Lin is amazing!"
- - - Tjj C.

— I have been suffering from allergies for 20 years and at worst I can't breathe when I lie down to sleep. Breathing gets so strenuous that I feel like I am trying to run a 100 meter race. Recently my allergies were so bad I wasn't getting enough sleep. I tried counter medicines and herbal rubs but they just seemed to make it worse. Then I called Dr. Lin to see if there was ANYTHING she could do about this problem. She eased a couple needles into my chest and nose, and I could actually FEEL my stuffy nose begin to open. My breathing got deeper and I was able to fall into a deep sleep during the treatment. If you've ever suffered this same problem, I definitely recommend Dr. Lin.

"I know where to go if I got hurt playing games."
- - - Joseph K.

— I am a between 4.5-5.0 tennis player and a very serious one. I trained myself very hard too. And the consequences are I have so many pains on my body. The most serious one is the pain on the joint of upper leg and bot. I can't even walk when it hurts. I have to take around 20 minutes of standing still before moving my leg. When it happens, I have to rest around at least one week (two weeks is better), and not to think about tennis at all. That is also painful to me. I came to see Dr. Lin for the upper back pain problem. And she fixed that problem right away at my first visit, then, she checked to see if I have some other problems. Then, she find it right there. I said, "how do you know I have such pain right there?" because that serious pain has not really showing up now for years due to my more careful and through warm-ups (15 minutes warm-ups) before playing tennis games. She fixed it right away, too. Since then, I know I can always trust Dr. Lin and play my tennis as much as I can because I know where to go if my body gets hurt. She fixed my tennis elbow, tennis leg(ever heard?), my wrist, my fingers, my shoulders, lower back, upper back,.... I am of age 50 and I play with young high school kids. I plan to play some tournaments next year....